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Tax Resolution Assistance


If you’re dealing with threatening letters from the IRS or worse, had your bank levied or a tax lien filed against you, it probably feels like you have no way out. But there is hope for alleviating your tax debt stress. Tax resolution assistance is available from the professionals at Alleviate Tax, and could possibly reduce your total tax debt, including penalties, fees, and interest. While you certainly have the right to directly contact the IRS yourself to resolve your tax debt situation, there’s a strong chance you’ll get a better overall outcome by seeking the help of tax resolution professionals such as Alleviate Tax.


There are numerous possibilities for reducing your tax liability if you’re unable to pay your entire tax bill. If you can make a strong enough case for your inability to pay your tax obligation in-full, the IRS will consider your income, assets, and future financial prospects to determine whether or not you are eligible for reductions in penalties, fees, and interest, and sometimes even the original tax liability. The IRS uses this information to calculate what repayment method is required–either an installment payment plan or a lump-sum payment–in return for drastic tax liability reductions.

Some options for reducing your tax liability might include:

  • Offer-in-Compromise
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Non-Collectible Status & Statute of Limitations Expiration

Tax resolution services companies, sometimes called tax settlement firms, are companies that provide help negotiating with the IRS to lower your tax debts to a level you can reasonably manage. While the services aren’t free, clients with massive tax debts can sometimes save thousands more by having the expertly trained eyes of a tax resolution professional at Alleviate Tax examine their entire financial and tax scenario.

Taxpayers have the right to seek tax resolution legally available to them by going directly to the IRS, but the downside is they must know what avenue is best when their finances and taxes are considered holistically. There could be hidden ways to further reduce your tax liability beyond the obvious and common methods. With the help of Alleviate Tax, tax errors from previous years, or miscalculations in tax refunds are opportunities we often find that provide more effective resolution of your tax debt self-researching alone.

As with many industries, the tax resolution assistance industry is not without its share of bad apples. But on the whole, tax resolution companies are out to save their clients as much money as possible. It’s just smart business to get the best possible results––and better than their clients could have achieved on their own––because word spreads lighting-fast these days about who can save people the most money.

Determining what companies are out to help you comes down to a few good rules of thumb. A reputable tax relief company will be straightforward about the level of help they can expect to provide you. You’ll know the possible negatives and all of the costs going into the process. Not only does a reputable tax resolution company like Alleviate Tax work with the IRS on your behalf, but we strive to deliver the best customer service to our clients, from our very first conversation to final resolution. We keep our clients posted every step of the way.

There is a wide selection of legitimately helpful tax resolution companies, both large and small, that truly care about helping their clients. But like nearly all segments of the financial industry, there can be individuals and companies who don’t take their clients seriously and simply want their money. Be sure to talk directly with the tax specialists who will be helping you, making sure they don’t offer unrealistic claims or give vague answers about what their services will cost in total.

While it’s certainly not a must for taxpayers, and might not even be the right option for some, there are some cases––like owing more than $7,500 in tax debt––where hiring the help of an expert tax relief professional like Alleviate Tax can alleviate more of your tax burden than if you went at it alone. We provide far more guidance and assistance with navigating the numerous forms, fees, and processes that effective tax resolution requires.

Most tax debt situations don’t justify the added cost of hiring a tax attorney. Generally, the difference is whether or not the IRS is pursuing a criminal investigation against you. In those cases, yes, the help of a tax attorney at Alleviate Tax is a very good idea.

Yes, individual taxpayers are within their rights to negotiate their tax debts directly with the IRS. It’s entirely up to you if you desire to deal with the IRS directly or get Alleviate Tax to shoulder the burden of dealing with them for you.

Fortunately, there are numerous tax resolution options the IRS offers for taxpayers who’ve fallen behind on their tax obligations and can’t get caught up. Payment plans are often used, but sometimes when financial circumstances are bad enough, the IRS may settle a portion of the tax debt for less than the full amount owed.

As a reputable tax resolution assistance company, Alleviate Tax has extensive experience that’s directly related to your personal tax debt scenario. Any good tax resolution company should have a proven track record of helping thousands of clients. Alleviate Tax prides itself on having a strong background in alleviating tax debt for its clients. Reach out to us today and learn whether or not Alleviate Tax can get you better results than trying to deal with the IRS on your own.

If you are unable to pay your tax bill, the good news is the IRS is usually willing to work with you as long as you can prove your financial inability to pay the amount in-full. After all, they’d rather get something versus nothing, and the best way for that to happen is if they find common ground that’s financially feasible for you.If the IRS is threatening to levy and seize your assets, Alleviate Tax may be able to stop the process by negotiating to get an installment plan approved and get you back in compliance with the IRS.Some taxpayers exhibit incredibly dire circumstances that may make it impossible to pay off their tax debt entirely. In these situations, Alleviate Tax can help determine the maximum relief available, which sometimes includes settling for a fraction of the demanded amount.

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